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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Man Says Wal-Mart Security Guard Wrote Profanity On Fake Ticket

Getting a ticket was bad enough, but an Orange County Wal-Mart shopper was even more outraged after reading what was written on it. He said a security guard for the Wal-Mart on South Kirkman Road wrote the ticket, leading store officials to apologize, at first.

The guy freely admits his car was taking up two spaces, but said that doesn't begin to justify the fake parking ticket left for him by a security guard.

The "Notice of Inconsideration" looked official, but a quick read by Carlos Vazquez showed something was a little off about what was left on his truck by a security guard.

"It says, 'Your vehicle is parked very selfishly and deserving of a real summons,'" Vazquez said.

Farther down it has some hand written comments, including the word "a**hole."

"I thought it was outrageous going there shopping and come out and see it on my windshield and I was having a bad day as it was," Vazquez said.

He said the store was less than responsive to his complaints, so he called Eyewitness News.

First, Wal-Mart emailed Eyewitness News, saying the guard's actions "are not condoned by our company ... those actions will be addressed to the security first and we will do what we can to ensure nothing like this will occur again."

"This isn't the way you conduct business. If I was doing something wrong, it should have been done professionally," Vazquez said.

But Wal-Mart later back tracked, saying, "We have no clear evidence that the security guard placed the paper on the car. We are conducting an investigation."

For Vazquez, he doesn't need an investigation, just an apology from someone who was inconsiderate towards him, too.

"She was dressed in a uniform and driving the white little jeep," Vazquez said.

Wal-Mart told Vazquez they are in the processing of reviewing the tapes from the security cameras to see if they can prove it was the security guard.

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