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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Stolen trailer returned with trash and an apology.

A Christchurch man was "bamboozled" after his stolen trailer was returned, loaded with rubbish and adorned with an apologetic note.

Electrician Ray Butcher received a call on Friday from a tenant in one of his Beckenham rental properties, telling him that his trailer had been stolen. On investigating that afternoon, Butcher, of New Brighton, was surprised to see his trailer back in its carport, propped up on a green recycling bin, as always, but filled with a pile of assorted rubbish that included a kitchen sink.

With the sink were a number of drawers, some children's toys, a pram and some kitchen effects.

A note pinned to the trailer apologised for the inconvenience, and offered to pay the dumping fees after Butcher had disposed of the rubbish.

A mobile phone number on the note led only to voicemail for a person named Tanya.

"I was just so bamboozled," Butcher said.

"As soon as they rang me up, I thought the trailer was gone for good. The main thing is it's there – but it's a bit cheeky."

The tenant told him the trailer thief was a woman in a red car.

"It's definitely not anyone I know," he said.

Butcher had owned the trailer for 15 years. He had had another trailer stolen in 1984, but that was never returned.

The theft had not perturbed him, but he said he was definitely going to ring the number after he had dumped the trash and found out how much it cost.

He suspected the trailer-taker was someone local as the load was not secured, and it would have fallen off if towed any great distance.

Police are not investigating.

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