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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Funny Ads Are No Crime

Have you ever seen a hilarious AdSense ad? As PPC ads become more and more creative, an increasing number of bloggers point these out. However, to this day, there hasn’t been a single central source for those. hopes to fill this niche, allowing site visitors to submit the funniest PPC ads they see on the internet (currently limited to Google AdSense ad format).

Why bother collecting funny ads? David DePrice, the owner of and FunnyPPCAds.Com founder explains.

“It’s not just about humor. You see, creative PPC ads attract reader attention and get higher click-through rates, which in turn results in lower CPC values and wider distribution through AdSense network. This is how Google algorithm works. They actually reward you for good ads. So it’s not about ‘funny’, it’s about ‘money’.”

Funny or not, an idea to collect best pieces of PPC copywriting is certainly a timely one. Unlike direct-mail copywriters who have their swipe-files, or regular ad professionals with their portfolios, people struggling to write their first AdWords ad have no resource that would allow them to see most successful PPC ads to model.

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