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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Smugglers Cross U.S. Border Through Library

DERBY LINE, Vt. -- Some patrons of a library that straddles the border between Vermont and Quebec may have to adjust the way they get to the building.

That's because U.S. officials want to tighten that very border. They said there's been a recent increase in illegal activity in the area because smugglers have become aware of three unguarded side streets that cross the border.

Currently, depending on where library patrons are inside the building, they can either be in the U.S. or Canada. Outside, a security crackdown would mean the library's Canadian patrons would no longer be able to park in Quebec and walk to the building's front door -- which is in Vermont.

Instead, they'd have to detour through one of two ports of entry that link the municipalities.

It's not far, but residents aren't happy about the change. One said even if authorities tighten security on the side streets, smugglers will simply walk across lawns or through the woods.

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