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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Woman Forces 83-year-old To Smoke Crack

A woman forced an 83-year-old housemate to smoke crack cocaine so she could steal personal information to get a credit card in her name and run up more than $3,000 in charges, authorities said.

Pasco County sheriff's investigators have accused Theresa M. Stanley-Morgan, 41, of getting the older woman to smoke the drug at least twice to make it easier to exploit her financially.

Stanley-Morgan was arrested April 28. She admitted to investigators that she used Shirley Hathaway's name, birth date and Social Security number to open the account, a sheriff's report said.

Hathaway and a witness told investigators that Stanley-Morgan forced Hathaway to smoke a lit crack pipe - telling her it was the "hooty, " the report said.

Stanley-Morgan was in jail Monday on $23,000 bail, charged with criminal use of personal identification, use of another person's ID without permission and retail theft, according to jail records, which did not say if she had a lawyer.

The sheriff's office said more charges were pending and asked the court not to reduce her bail.

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