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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Fake Kidnapping Is A Good Business

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Need something to do this weekend? Extreme Kidnapping is a company that will kidnap you ta gunpoint, tie you up and hold you for ransom. Being abducted, gagged and bound is all part of the game.

A GQ reporter recently tested out their service:

I had to fly all the way to Detroit to get kidnapped. Extreme Kidnapping is a company operated by Adam Thick, an entrepreneur and convicted counterfeiter from Oakland County, Michigan. Thick founded Extreme Kidnapping in 2002 after being inspired by the old David Fincher movie The Game. (SPOILER: It was all a game!) For $500, Adam and his crew will abduct you at gunpoint and hold you hostage for four hours. A thousand bucks gets you ten hours, along with a bit of customized sadism. GQ was curious to see what $1,500 would buy me.

If it strikes you as obscene that people would pay to be kidnapped at a time when it happens routinely to other people for real, the fact is that we live in an age when a normal life simply isn’t enough for many Americans. If you watch enough movies and TV (as I do), you end up yearning for a life that is more cinematic than blissful. Experiences are the newest, hottest luxury items. I looked at it like I was paying for a memory implant, Total Recall-style. But the one thing that didn’t make sense to me was how Adam could pull off the trick of making a kidnapping feel real when his client knows it’s not.
Their prices range from:
  • The Econo-Kidnap; lasts 4 hours, cost $500
  • The Standard Kidnap; lasts 10 hours, cost $1000
  • The Deluxe; lasts however long you want, cost ?? (Call for price quote)
(the deluxe is for people that want longer durations of captivity, more complex scenarios, additional kidnappers, and whatever else they come up with.)

You can still choose to be kidnapped by the Henchman, or the Elite Girls Team. The Henchman provide the most realistic, HARDCORE, movie-style kidnappings in the country and allowable by law.

The Elite Girls Team provide the sexiest kidnappings and will certainly fulfill your fantasy of getting kidnapped by a group of hot chicks. You can choose what they will wear, in most cases, and they are fully capable of providing a realistic kidnapping or whatever scenario you come up with.
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