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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Are Dildos Recycable?

A London council has revealed a list of the strangest items residents have tried to recycle -- including sex toy and an urn containing ashes.

Bosses at Enfield Council decided to produce a list of the top 10 strangest items placed in recycling bins in a bid to highlight the recycling properly.

In addition to used nappies and tissues being placed in recycling bins, residents there also tried to recycle blow up dolls, vibrators and an urn containing ashes.

Cllr Chris Bond, said: "It beggars belief what some people have placed in their recycling."

Other items on the list include dead pets, dumb bells and oil paintings… hopefully this wasn't all from the same family.
Chris Bond continued: "It's no laughing matter because if recycling is contaminated it has to be sent to landfill and it costs us a fortune to dispose of it.

"If one incorrect item is placed in the recycling container and our staff don’t spot it, the whole ten tonne load of recycling could have to be sent to landfill, and that costs the Council £1,000 each time it happens."

The strangest items placed in recycling bins in Enfield include:
1) Blow up dolls
2) Sex toys (vibrators)
3) An urn containing ashes
4) Used sanitary towels
5) Fish tank
6) A box of live maggots
7) Plastic Christmas Tree – in the organic waste bin
8) Oil paintings
9) Dumb bells
10) Dead pets

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