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Friday, March 09, 2012

Homemade Cannon Kills California Woman

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A San Diego County woman killed when a homemade cannon exploded was struck in the upper chest by a projectile and metal fragments, U-T San Diego reported Wednesday.

Jeanette Ogara, 38, was fatally injured just after midnight Tuesday when her boyfriend, Richard Fox, 39, loaded the cannon with powder from fireworks and accidentally set it off.

Fox was injured by shrapnel that tore into his leg, U-T San Diego said, and he was being held without bail while awaiting arraignment Thursday.

New details about Fox and his relationship with Ogara have emerged as authorities continue to investigate the bizarre death.

Fox was charged with misdemeanor battery against Ogara in 2006, pleaded guilty in 2009 and was placed on three years' probation, according to court records obtained by U-T San Diego, which also reported that Fox served at least three stints in prison in the 1990s on a variety of auto theft and weapons possession convictions.

On Wednesday, investigators searched the couple's property for explosives, sheriff's homicide Sgt. David Martinez told U-T San Diego.

San Diego County medical examiners were set to perform an autopsy on Ogara on Wednesday, but results were not posted as of Thursday morning.

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