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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

eWorky Review

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If you're normal as normal can be and you have an extra room or space in your company, chances are all you have in there are empty boxes or broken equipment. How about renting it out to rake in some extra cash?

In a different scenario, imagine yourself a small business owner needing to conduct a meeting in a place with special equipment and/or infrastructure beyond your budget, or a freelancer in need of a temporary workspace. How does booking a workspace on a daily, weekly, monthly basis when you need it, where you need it at a price you can afford sound?

This, basically, is the idea behind startup eWorky - to function as collaborative search platform for people on the lookout for workspace. eWorky has a big community of companies offering diverse types of workspace for various types of professions.

Finding available workspace with eWorky is less complicated than online car reservation. All you need to do is sign up, log into your account and search for the space you need in your area. If you're looking to rent in another city, simply scroll to your city of choice and browse through available listings. As soon as you find what you need, book and pay for the workspace online.

If you're a property manager wishing to provide workspace, eWorky allows you to advertise your place for free. Make sure to be descriptive of your property. And that should include its size, furniture available, amenities such as Wi-Fi, how to access the space, vacancies and promos for customers with multiple and/or long-term bookings. Once a customer agrees with your specified terms, payment is deposited directly to your account.

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