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Monday, November 12, 2007

'Robin Hood' banker jailed for fraud

PEORIA, Ill. -- A former bank executive who was said to have "Robin Hood" mentality has been sentenced to 41 months in federal prison for taking money from some accounts and repaying others, as well as pocketing some of the money for himself.

The judge at Friday's sentencing hearing also ordered Thomas J. Mariotti, 37, to repay more than $691,000 to his former employer and to Tall Oaks Country Club, one of the affected accounts. Mariotti will remain free on bond until he surrenders himself to prison officials next month.

A psychologist who testified at the sentencing hearing said Mariotti had a "Robin Hood" mentality because he took money from the bank to help support bad loans he had made. In one case, he paid off a $45,000 loan, said his attorney, Ron Hamm.

In June, Mariotti waived indictment and pleaded guilty to one count of bank fraud.

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