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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Yogurt Bandit

DALLAS -- Investigators said they are looking for a man who allegedly broke into at least five north Dallas businesses while having a healthy snack, reported KXAS-TV.

Senior Cpl. Janice Crowther of Dallas police said the man they are looking for is very brazen and confident.

"He thinks he's unstoppable," she said. "He goes in, burglarizes the places, he has a snack, and then he leaves."

Surveillance video shows the man eating one cup of yogurt followed by a second cup during a burglary, police said.

"It appears that this guy came in, he very calmly ate yogurt, threw the cup down, ate another cup of yogurt," Crowther said.

Police said the man has broken into a few dry cleaners, a vacuum store and a women's clothing store. According to police, the man tends to go after cash in the stores' registers.

Russell Dembach of Arty Wear said he found smashed glass doors and the cash drawer on the floor. He said he hopes police catch the person who broke into his store.

"There's not really a lot you can do," Dembach said. "The girls set the alarm. You lock everything up."

Police said they are working with fingerprints left at the scene.

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