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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Would-Be Robber Stymied By Stuffy Nose

Police in Sacramento, California, have taken a man into custody, after he attempted to rob a bank, only to be done in by his own snotty nose.

Forty-year-old Sudan Provost walked in to a bank in the downtown area of this city on the afternoon of December 29 and said in a low voice that his intention was to rob it but apparently, nobody heard him, according to the Sacramento Bee, a newspaper there.

Provost then walked up to a teller’s window, indicated he was armed and asked for a tissue.

After the teller declined Provost’s request for the tissue, the would-be robber walked over to a pharmacy that was close by.

When Provost returned to the bank a short time later, police were there looking over the surveillance video of his prior visit.

He was immediately arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery, the Bee reported.

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