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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Three Women Do What 21 Police Officers Could Not.

A dangerous criminal being chased by 21 police officers through a busy town centre was halted in his tracks by three middle-aged women who used their Christmas shopping bags as weapons.

The man had been on the run for six days after an arrest warrant was issued by magistrates in Cheltenham in connection with possessing an offensive weapon and assaulting three policemen.

He was spotted by officers in Worcester town centre last Friday but fled when they approached him.

For six minutes, as more and more of their colleagues joined the chase, he weaved in and out of the narrow streets and over a bridge.

But he had not counted on the three middle-aged women, who managed to do what 21 officers had not.

Realising what was going on, the first barred his way on the pavement as he sprinted onto the bridge, forcing him to run into the road.

The second ran into the road and started hitting him with her bags, tussling with him and slowing him down.

The third then joined in and challenged him, forcing him across the road and into the arms of a waiting van driver, who held him until police caught up and arrested him.

Yesterday a spokesman for West Mercia police said that the three women did not know each other and appealed for them to come forward.

He said: "They were walking over the bridge some distance apart when they each realised, in the space of a few seconds, that a man was being pursued and was heading straight for them along the pavement.

"They had very little time to make up their minds what to do and react. Almost acting in unison, they each responded in exactly the same way - they tried to apprehend the man, not knowing whether he was armed or could have injured them.

"Although we have concerns for the consequences of their actions, we fully endorse them and applaud their courage. We want to thank the courageous trio."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but the guy was running from police... had the women been police, he would have ran from them, but since they were just citizens walking down a street (bridge, whatever), the man is used to people just standing by. These women didn't do anything extraordinary, that the cops couldn't do. Bah, bogus article, and no reason to give these women any special treatment, except a "thank you for not being a wuss." Move along.

11:27 AM


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