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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Police Chief Rapes Woman Three Times

A SENIOR Welsh police official raped a woman three times after meeting her on a boozy night out, a court heard yesterday.

Greg Jones, 39, is accused of throwing the woman to the floor and raping her in the house of a friend in Loughor after they travelled back there from the centre of Swansea.

Jones is said to have raped the woman on three separate occasions saying "you know you want it" after another couple they were with had retired to an upstairs room.

Jones, of Tycoch, Swansea, director of human resources at South Wales Police, denies three counts of rape and one of causing actual bodily harm.

Giving evidence yesterday the alleged victim wept as she recalled shouting at the police official, "No, no, stop it."

She said she shouted it "about six times" but Jones continued raping her.

After she complained to friends the police were called in and Jones was arrested by colleagues from his own force some hours later.

In interviews with police, Jones, who previously worked for Swansea Council, claimed the sex was consensual.

Dyfed Thomas, prosecuting, who told Swansea Crown Court the woman had 24 sites of bruising, said, "He told the police he'd had vigorous sex with her." He added, "The prosecution claims she had not intended and did not want the sexual intercourse to occur in her friend's house."

Mr Thomas claims Jones met the woman, who lives in the west of Swansea, in the city centre Lava Lounge nightspot last September.

The woman and a friend had earlier been in a number of Swansea bars including Revolution, SA1 and Yates's Wine Lodge, drinking alcopops or vodka shots.

At one point, the woman said yesterday, in the Orange House pub in Swansea's Kingsway, they both took a small amount of amphetamine.

The pair ended their night in the Lava Lounge in Wind Street where they met a group of friends. Jones was with them.

The woman said she had never met Jones before, but admitted she kissed him.

Mr Thomas said, "The prosecution accepts the defendant became flirtatious and there were suggestive comments made and these were taken in the spirit they were intended. These were adults out enjoying themselves.

"The complainant also accepts there was some kissing but that she made it quite clear that was all it was - just fooling around in a club."

The woman told the court, "He said I had a nice bottom and although I laughed I did actually say to him 'It's not as if you are going to see it'. I wanted to get that point across."

The court heard the woman and her female friend, plus Jones and another man, got a taxi to Loughor.

The complainant said she thought there was a party at the house but when she got there her friend went to bed with the man and she was left downstairs with Jones.

She told the jury, "Before leaving the room she said, 'Oh, I'll get you two a quilt'.

"I remember staring at her and saying 'No, I don't need a quilt' but she just giggled."

The woman said Jones dragged her from a stool in the kitchen, took off her lower clothing and raped her in the living room. She said she was raped two more times despite trying to push Jones off her.

Mr Thomas said at one point Jones shouted, "Am I good, am I good?"

The prosecutor said the woman replied "Yes, you are good", but only said it because she wanted him to stop.

Asked about her drinking before the alleged rapes she said she felt drunk "but not falling-down drunk".

She admitted falling over in the Lava Lounge but said it was caused by drink spilled on the floor.

The case continues today.

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