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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

International Gangs - G27

The G 27 prison gang is a Hispanic gang that formed in the Puerto Rico prison system about 1979. It is relatively unknown in the United States. A group of inmates who were known as "insectos" formed the gang under the leadership of an inmate known as "El Monota." At about the same time the well known prison gang The Сeta, was formed, supposedly to combat the G 27 predators and to protect the weaker, more vulnerable inmates.

Members of the G 27 have found their way into the United States prison systems and since so little is known about the group in this country the following information is provided to hopefully assist corrections and law enforcement personnel in identifying members of the group.

There are several versions as to how the G 27 was formed. When researching the origin of gangs, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish fact from fiction or legend. The first version below should not be considered as the "official version" but the information was obtained from a source in the Puerto Rico Department of Justice and is considered to be reliable.

G 27 is basically a prison gang which was formed after the murder of the Сeta leader, Carlos Torres Irriarte, AKA "La Sombra" (The Shadow). After La Sombra's murder, the Сeta expelled a number of inmates from its ranks. These inmates were known as the "insectos" and they were notoriously known for robbing, beating, and sexually assaulting weaker inmates. They believed that any killing was justified. These acts of violence also extended to women, children and the elderly in the streets. Although the Сeta is an extremely violent prison gang, the philosophy of the "insectos" did not set well with the group.

These renegades were the core of the G 27 and were transferred to the Guayama (PR) Regional Prison which is located just outside of the "notorious" Manuel A. Perez Housing Project

The G 27 has no prescribed gang tattoos, but prefer to cover their body with large tattoos of the Virgin Mary. (They are also known to have "G 27" and "Puerto Rico" tattooed on their body.)

The only known gang sign is a balled fist with the forefinger and the little finger raised upward.

The group is categorized as being bitter enemies of the Сeta, extremely violent and ready to riot at any time.

The Сeta have many rules and laws for Сeta members but it is unknown if the G 27 carried any of these rules with them to be included as part of their group.

The gang name "G 27" is believed to have originated from the fact that many of the "insectos", when on the street, met and hung out in apartment number "G 27" at the Manuel A. Perez Housing Project.


The G 27 (former insectos) formed under the leadership of "El Monota" in a Puerto Rican Jail named Oso Blanco in 1979. These inmates were very ruthless and violent and the Puerto Rican authorities found that they could not control or resolve the problem. That same year the Сeta was formed by Carlos La Sombra to protect those inmates who could not protect themselves. The G 27 and the Сeta became bitter enemies and a gang war soon began between the two groups. In 1980 La Sombra developed a plan to end the war in order to maintain the principles of the Сeta.

El Monota learned that La Sombra, in an attempt to end the war, was trying to set up a meeting with a group of G 27 members. When it appeared that some of the G 27 members were "jumping" to the other side he put out a contract and ordered a "hit" on La Sombra. Later in 1980 four G 27 members were selected to carry out the hit and when the green light was given, the four approached La Sombra in the prison yard and he was surrounded by the four assassins. One of the assassins had a 25 cal. semi-automatic pistol and shot La Sombra in the stomach. The other three assassins stabbed La Sombra and he died in the prison hospital as a result of his wounds.

On September 30, 1981 the Сeta started a riot. Although El Monota was locked in a prison cell members of the Сeta broke into the cell and killed him. He reportedly was cut up into little pieces and flushed down the toilet. His ring finger was sent to his mother to let her know that the Сeta had gotten the revenge it was seeking.


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