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Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Biggest Asian Gang In America.

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The Tiny Rascal Gang was formed in Long Beach, California in the mid 1980s when the first wave of Cambodian immigrants were still coming from their homeland to the United States of America, due to Cambodia's genocidal Khmer Rouge regime that occurred during that time period. For these South East Asians, living in America turned out to be as hard as arriving there. Because of the way they spoke and looked, young Cambodian kids faced discrimination from Mexican students at school.

One punch, from a Mexican student to a Cambodian refugee started a bitter race war that still exist today. One of the first known incident, happend when TRG members pulled up on a car full of members of the Eastside Longo gang, the rivaling Hispanic gang of the TRG. The TRG members had an argument, then which the TRG opened fire on the Eastside Longo members. TRG is the one of the oldest Asian gangs and are the largest Asian gang today in the United States of America. Many are also recruited in Cambodia. TRG members mainly consist of Cambodians, and Laos. (To you people editing this thing, stop filling it with false information, "vietnamese and filipino"?? thats false info) The color gray was chosen to identify membership. The gang had spread across the nation, reaching cities from Long Beach, California to Fresno in mid-california, to Lowell, Massachusetts, and North Carolina, etc. LRG, The (Lady Rascal Gang) is another set for the females that are in the gang, which is just a branch off from Trg. Trg has grown to become a nationwide gang. The biggest most dangerous asian gang in the country.

The derogatory term for TRG are "roach" or "roaches". They represent the number '7126'; 7=T, 12=R, 6=G. To derogatorize other gangs, they are known as "EBK", as in "Everybody Killer".

Some of the founders of TRG are now in Cambodia having been deported after the Cambodian Government signed an agreement with the US Government following the events of 9/11. They were residents of the US but had failed to apply for citizenship and therefore, if they have committed a felony, are eligible for deportation although they have all served their required prison sentence.

TRG members have also stood against the East Side Longos despite the fact that their size were smaller than the Longos. Many TRG members wear black or grey Chuck Taylors or carry around grey rags to contribute to their affiliation.

Scope: Tiny Rascals Gang is the largest Asian gang in the country. On the east coast, two sets are known "The Grey Rags and the Blue Rag sets". This gang is known to have members in Connecticut, the Portland, Maine area, the Lowell (MA) and Brattleboro, VT) areas, as well as in the New Hampshire Prison System.

Gender Make Up: Male and Female. The females are known as the Lady Rascals Gang

Racial Make Up: It's members are primarily, Cambodian and Lao, like the LBC's. - Members as young as 12 have been accounted for, and they range in age from 13-26.

Organization: Appears to be organized.

Emblems: Their colors are GREY or Blue identifing the set to which the member belongs. GREY/BLUE 'bandannas" are popular, as are hats with the letters TRG. Tattoos associated with this gang include TRG, LRG or CWA. Commonly been seen on the web of the back of the hand, the arms, and the front of the torso.

Alliances: Like Brothers Crips

Rivals: FCC (Exotic Foreign Cambodian Crips) out of Providence, RI & Bridgeport area of CT. and the Blood Red Dragons out of Boston, MA.

Criminal Activity: murders, drive by shootings, robberies, narcotic violations and weapons offenses on a nationwide scale.

History: This gang started in California in the mid 80's and has a nationwide network of support and members.

Propensity for Violence: Has a reputation for violence.

Finances: Robbery and sales of narcotics

Leadership: Unknown at this time

The Asian Gang: Ethnicity, Identity, Masculinity


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SHort fucks think they the shit.

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Members of this piece of shit gang murdered entire families for a few bucks. A 15 year old boy, an 11 and 10 year old girl and a 3 year old baby shot but not killed in a home robbery. What kind of cowardly animal does that? Fuck all you pieces of shit! In the end you all pay - hopefully you just kill each other. When you are old enough to understand you will know that no one will respect, love or have mercy on you because death is what you deserve for being a part of this shit!

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