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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Convicted bank robber can keep $1M lottery prize despite breaking probation

BARNSTABLE, Mass. - The luck keeps rolling for a convicted bank robber in Massachusetts who won a $1 million lottery prize.

Although he violated his probation by buying the ticket, a judge says he can keep the money.

A lawyer for Timothy Elliott, 55, called the violation minor, and the Massachusetts lottery commission previously said it saw no basis for withdrawing the prize.

Barnstable Superior Court Judge Richard Connon approved the probation department's agreement that he could keep the winnings. The only change is that Elliott now must pay a monthly $65 probation supervisory fee, previously waived because he had been indigent.

Elliott pleaded guilty in October 2006 to unarmed robbery for a Cape Cod bank heist and was placed on five years' probation. The terms required him to not "gamble, purchase lottery tickets or visit an establishment where gaming is conducted"

The jackpot was won on $10 ticket for the "$800 Million Spectacular" game that Elliott bought at a supermarket in Hyannis. He already has received the first of 20 annual $50,000 cheques from the lottery commission.

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