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Friday, September 21, 2007

Russian Mafia Documentary

All you ever wanted to know about Russian gangsters.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

prapoganda. it is dangeros.just cause its on english tv in russia they try to make it all nice so u turists can come and spend some money. so please come... and see it for yourselves ok fuck u then!

3:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is shit...i mean showing books and documents in the begining:) red mafia etc. first of might be dangerous for american turists even in america,other nationalitis will take avantage of their dummy stupid faces:)) so,no me i don`t think russia is the problem.take an american courios turist couple to bulgaria,romania,mexico,cuba,russia,ukraine,brazil...they are going to get robbed. It`s not the country,is just them...the puppy look in their eyes,stupid clothes,and they just look "lost" :) anyway...maybe i`m wrong...who knows..

11:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Russia is safe, gangsters don't hurt normal people hooligans do and of the people they do fuck over it's Americans just because they act like fucking pussies in foreign countries just because they know that every county in the world despises them.

PS: if your of colored ethnicity you shouldn't visit, only advice.

10:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To those that commented before me:

First of all, I assume all of you are not from very dangerous parts of a metropolitan area, or else you would understand the fundamental logic that people get robbed for a variety of reasons , yet, it is usually a matter of the safest option of whom to rob with the least chances of getting caught. Tourists are an easier option regardless of what country they come from. Just as many locals get robbed as do tourists. That is just a fact of life everywhere in the world where there is crime and poverty, addiction, and criminal activity.

It sounds as if someone has been eating what has been fed to them by the machinations of mass media, judging by the comment that every country in the world despises Americans. I happen to be American, and lived in the so-called dangerous "ass" of Moscow for quite some time. I never acted like a pussy in the least and almost everyone was very respectful tome. As a matter of fact: The worst areas of Moscow that I went to were rather safe in comparison to The areas where I come from in Baltimore. No hooligans even attempted to fuck with me at all. It is in utter ignorance for you to assume that all Americans are the poster child of the politically correct,cowardly "business tourist". It is also funny how much animosity you have toward Americans yourselves.

I personally have no problems with Russian people. As a matter of fact, I have much respect for the people of Russia, and would hope to have the same respect in return. If you are one of those "hooligans", then by all means keep "fucking over" Americans. Perhaps one day you will fuck with one that fucks back...

12:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny. I go to other countries all the time and I don't get fucked with all. Anytime it's brought up that I'm American and someone makes a snide comment I jump in their shit. They tend to back the fuck down. I had one guy try to pick pocket me in france and I had no problem beating the shit out of him while his buddies just say there.
Seriously, with cities like Detroit, New York, LA, get the people from the big cities where it's rough, you aren't gonna fuck with us. Now you get the richies from the suburbs than yes.
All the countries that are sooooo bad, I act cool but the minute they get out of line I go cowboy and they chill the fuck out.
Come to think of it when I was in russia I cut infront of a dude and when he got all piss and shoved me I slapped the fuck outta him. He cowered and his woman started yelling. Then they left. Pussies.

7:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an Ameican, but my best friend is from Russia. He grew up in the Detski Dom, an orphanage in Pikalyovo. He grew up in and out of the orphanage, and when he wasnt there, he was on the streets. He has told me stories about robbing tourists, but he robbed other Russians more than anyone else. However he wasn't in the vast majority. For the most part, people in Russia follow the law, and in my experience will show you respect as long as you aren't a total ass. And for the most part, America is the same way. I'm from Atlanta. Anyone who knows anything about the city of Atlanta, knows that it has a nasty underbelly. Every country in the world has places that you don't want to be caught in after dark. Russia and America both have crime. Americans arent all clueless douchebags who think that everywhere else is worse than the USA, and Russia isn't a giant copuntry of criminals who live to cause harm to others. If more people understood what it was like away from their home, instead of assuming that a foreign country is automatically the middle of backwards-ass, fuckbutt-topia then we'd all be a lot better off.

1:25 PM


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