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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Veteran Police Officer Fired After Nude Video Investigation

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. -- A nude appearance in an "Girls Gone Wild"-style adult video sold on the Internet has cost a veteran police officer her job -- again.

The graphic video shows former police officer Gina Wiseley dancing nude at Key West's decadent Fantasy Fest in 2001. She resigned from her job as a Lee County sheriff's deputy in 2005 after a local TV station reported on her appearance in the tape, triggering an internal investigation.

Punta Gorda police fired Wiseley on Feb. 27 after another internal investigation into allegations that she showed the video to a detective while on duty. The investigation found no proof of the charge.

But Wiseley was fired for violating agency policy when she contacted the detective who made the allegation during the internal investigation, according to an internal affairs report.

In a statement to investigators, Wiseley, who had worked at the department since October, said she called the detective "because I wanted to know why he's lying ... I did it because I was horrified with the allegations."

She also called the tape "the video that ruined my life."

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