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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Grandma Turns In Shooting Suspect - Her Grandson

ATLANTA -- Tough love from a grandma landed a shooting suspect behind bars Thursday morning.

Police say a southwest Atlanta woman drove her grandson back to a shooting scene and then forced him to turn himself in to police.

Investigators say the man was wanted for shooting another man in a dispute over a girl.

The victim is in South Fulton Regional Hospital in critical condition with a bullet wound in his kidney.

The two men had been trading text-messaged insults all night when they finally confronted each other in the parking lot on Jonesboro Road, according to police.

The shooting victim used to date the gunman’s girlfriend.

The suspect told police the other man slapped him during an argument, so he pulled a gun and opened fire.

Fleeing the scene, the gunman headed to his grandmother’s house and told her what happened.

She ordered him into her car and drove straight to the shooting scene where investigators were going over the evidence.

With his grandmother at his side the suspect confessed to the shooting and was arrested.

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