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Friday, August 25, 2006

Young Boys Inc.

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Young Boys Incorporated, also known as Y.B.I. was the first African-American drug cartel that operated on street corners.

They controlled about 90% of the heroin traffic in Detroit, Michigan during the mid 1970s through the late 1980s. The group was formed by a small group of neighborhood friends in 1977. All of the boys (in the beginning) were in their late teens. Dwayne Davis (a.k.a. Wonderful Wayne or WW) and Raymond Peoples were two of the founders who became bosses. A few years later Milton Butch Jones (a.k.a. Big Boy) joined. It was about this time that Y.B.I. split into three separate crews (WW, Big Boy and Raymond).

From the start their main place of operation was the Dexter/Davison neighborhood on Detroit's western portion. About two years after its formation, Y.B.I. completely took over the heroin trade (in and around Detroit) with sales estimated at about $300,000 per day. After the split "WW" expanded his operation to Boston. About a year after being in Boston, The crew he sent there took over most of that City's heroin trade with sales at about $50,000 per day. The organization in Detroit was seriously crippled in 1982.September of that year Butch Jones ordered the execution of "WW". "WW" was gunned down on the corner of Columbus and Lawton on Detroit's westside because of a turff dispute. And on December 7th of that same year (Pearl Harbor day) Raymond Peoples, Butch Jones and 41 of Y.B.I.'s top Lieutenants were indicted convicted and later sentenced to long prison terms. Most people believed that because of "WW"'s death none of his crew were indicted. One of "WW"'s top lieutenants took over what was left of Y.B.I. and operated for about another six years until crack cocaine became the drug of choice over heroin.

The Autobiography of Butch Jones Y.B.I. Youngs Boys Inc.

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